How to Identify Bed Bugs And Get Rid of Them

Bed bugs are household pests that come out at night. In order to survive, they feed on humans and animals while they are sleeping. But these critters are rather courteous. They use hollow tubes that contain a temporary but powerful painkiller to prick your skin so you don’t feel their handiwork until the next morning. Bed bugs cannot fly which doesn’t make them any less of a nuisance. They multiply undetected in your home (usually in your mattress) until there is a full-blown invasion. 

Identifying Bed Bugs

bed bugs san diegoBed bugs are small, flat, insects that are shaped like pumpkin seeds. They can grow up to 5mm in size which makes them visible to the human eye, but there are many life cycles of a bed bug (egg, nymph, adult). They molt and you can also see their skins as an identifying factor of them. They can live up to 6 months. They are rusty brown in color (from the blood they drink), which makes them difficult to see on carpets and upholstery. 

Female bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs during their lifetime. These eggs are the size of a small dust particle making them impossible to see with the naked eye. But bed bugs leave several tell-tale signs which can help identify them. Look for black dots on your mattress, which is likely bed bug excrement or blood stains. If you look sharply, you might just find these tiny creatures crawling about in your bed. 

Tried and Tested Home Remedies

Here are home remedies that can go a long way in preventing and dealing with a beg bug infestation. 

  1. Vacuum
    Use a strong vacuum cleaner with a powerful hose and/or crack and crevice attachment to suck them up. Be advised that you will have to vacuum everyday for a few weeks if you are battling an infestation. Be thorough while vacuuming the mattress, bedding, and other upholstered furniture, including chairs, sofas, and even window treatments. 
  2. Borax
    Borax is a great way to treat bed bugs. Generously sprinkle borax powder on your mattress to suffocate the bugs. Use a spray filled with water on the powder to make it more effective. You can use borax in your washing machine to wash affected items too. 
  3. Tea tree essential oils
    Tea tree oil has been in use for many decades to treat pest infestations. Tea tree oil is effective in killing bed bugs and also masking human smell that generally attracts them. The best part is that tea tree oil is inexpensive and readily available. You need to dilute 200 ml water with about 20 drops of pure tea tree oil and spray on all affected areas. 
  4. Rubbing Alcohol
    Rubbing alcohol helps kill bed bugs. Pour it in a spray bottle undiluted and spray away. It tends to leave a spot, so keep away from expensive fabric and upholstery. 

Hire Pest Removal Professionals, M Exterminators San Diego

You are facing a battle of wills if bed bugs decide to set up shop in your mattress or any other part of your residence. The above remedies can help control bed bugs, but you will need a professional to understand the depth of the problem. The tiny pests can be hiding in areas that many people don’t think to look. A hired professional can also ensure that all of the life cycles of the bed bug are killed. Needless to say, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by hiring professionals in San Diego. 

Our process begins with an inspection to determine the problem and concludes with two follow-up treatments. Our services are guaranteed for 30 days after final treatment.

M Exterminators is a premier pest control company serving homeowners and businesses in San Diego for more than 25 years. We will devise targeted treatment plans that are specific to your bed bug problem. 

We have advanced professional grade products and equipment to ensure your property is clear of pests in the shortest possible time, and we will take steps to prevent future infestations as well. Call us now at 619-375-0220 or contact M Exterminators online.