Rodents can invade the most closely sealed places in search of shelter, food, and water. It is not easy to get rid of them since they can move around swiftly and fit into holes as small as ¼ inch to a size of a quarter. Rats and other rodents are not just irritating or frightening; they also pose serious health hazards. They are capable of carrying over 20 diseases, including E.Coli and salmonella, and can easily contaminate your food shelves. This makes it vital to eradicate them from your premises entirely.

Do You Have a Rodent Problem?

You may have a rodent problem without even being aware of it. Rats and mice are the most common offenders. There are many ways to identify a rodent infestation. You may come across mice droppings under sinks and along baseboards. Rats tend to leave greasy dirt marks as they travel along the same route over and over. Rodents can chew through a number of things, such as plastic and wires, in search of food. 

Rats and mice tend to bring other pests along with them inside the house. You may not just be looking at a rodent infestation, but also fleas, ticks, and lice. 

Home Remedies to Deal with Rodent Issues

These are a few home remedies to effectively take care of your rodent situation in San Diego:

  1. Mothballs

Mothballs are notable pest repellants. They can successfully keep rodents away from your house. Mothballs are easily available to purchase. All you need to do is place a few bags of mothballs in your attic, kitchen, and other infested areas. This will fend and kill existing rodents and keep others away. Too many mothballs can be harmful to humans too; therefore, please use with caution.

  1. Ammonia

Rats can’t stand the pungent smell of ammonia. This makes it a great repellent for rats and mice. You will need to make a mixture of ammonia using protective gloves. In a bowl, mix two cups of regular ammonia with two tsp. detergent. Pour a quarter cup water in the same bowl and keep it in a particularly rat infested area. 

  1. Peppermint Oil

Everyone likes the refreshing scent of peppermint oil. But, rats and mice can’t stand the bitter smell of peppermint. You can use this to your benefit by dipping some cotton balls in the oil and placing them around the house. 

Call the Professionals 

Rats and mice are pesky pest problems. Home remedies may take care of a small rodent problem, but they won’t eliminate an infestation. Most rodents will establish residence in your home, whether in the walls, basement, or behind your refrigerator. They like to set up shop close to a water source. 

Professional exterminators are trained and licensed to identify the root cause of your rodent situation and implement a strategic plan to rid them from your home once and for all. Maybe they have a nest in the attic or are living under a rotting floorboard. You should consider calling the pros if you are tired of cleaning up rat droppings and fear for your family’s health and safety. 

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