You are always in excellent hands with us!

As pest control exterminators we know the job isn’t just about ousting the cockroaches from your walls or evicting the bedbugs from where you sleep. It’s more than ridding your home of unwelcome guests. It’s about the customer experience too. That’s why our trained professionals will take the time to educate you on the pest problem, how we will resolve it, what can be done to prevent it from happening in the future, and answer any questions you may have. 

We want you to feel just as comfortable and confident in our services as we do! – Manny

Each one of our professional exterminators has completed extensive training, holds an active Applicator’s license, and completes all required continuing education and certifications to perform pest control in California. Your home and family are in good hands with M Exterminators.


Our licensed, experienced technicians will inspect both the exterior perimeter and the interior of your residential or commercial property. During the inspection we will check for signs of pest activity in/around cracks, crevices, entry-ways, and eaves. We will search all known problem areas looking for potential vulnerabilities.


Once the pests have been identified and vulnerabilities located, our licensed technicians will develop a custom Integrated Pest Management treatment plan. This plan may include one-time service, recurring treatment, exclusion or pest proofing work. We will explain, in detail, the nature of the pest activity or infestation and the proposed solution options to the problem.


With a set plan of action, our skilled technician will utilize this treatment protocol to eliminate pests from your property. All products and services applied follow state rules and regulations and product labeling, while remaining environmentally friendly, safe, and effective. We want you to understand why we recommended this specific treatment plan for you and believe communication is key to staying on top of pest problems, keeping them away from your home or property, and building trust with our customers.


After our initial treatment is completed, we will continue to monitor the property as needed: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly based on the situation. Our goal is to first control the problem in the initial treatment and then maintain the pest problem through continued monitoring. Our technician will remain in communication with you, including scheduling each follow-up.


We’ll discuss your needs and determine a program that is best for you. This will allow us to determine if there are any current infestations or conditions which may invite infestations down the line. Then we’ll begin protecting your home or commercial property with the service that best fits your needs. 


  • Inspection of the exterior, and interior if applicable, of your property to understand your pest issues.

  • Exterior, and interior if applicable, treatment applying EPA registered or organic materials as needed, to control and/or prevent a pest invasion.

  • Follow-up to ensure your pest problem has been taken care of. All one-time services are guaranteed for 30 days.


  • Rodent exclusion work, eliminating rodent entry points, and trapping, to understand your pest issues.

  • Inspection of the attic and crawl spaces, treating as needed.

M Exterminator pest specialists have not only undergone thorough government background and motor vehicle checks, mandated by the state, but have also been specifically trained to handle pest control issues unique to residents of San Diego County.

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