When you think of bees, the hard working honey bee or the pretty bumble bee may come to mind. And yet, did you know that these flying insects come in 2000+ varieties, including hundreds that are related to other pesky species such as ants and wasps? 

Adult bees vary dramatically in size, ranging from 1/10th of an inch, to 1.6 inches. Regardless, they all get their food from flowers, and hence nest in areas that are rich in flora. They can also create hives in tall buildings (such as commercial buildings or apartment complexes), making them a common occurrence in both residential and commercial areas. 

Not all bees produce edible honey, and only a small variety are considered completely harmless. In fact, a bee sting is known to be painful, and can even cause life-threatening reactions in extreme cases. Infants and those with weak immune systems are considered especially vulnerable to bees. 

Also, a bee infestation can cause unexpected damage to your home. For instance, once a few bees begin to nest in your home and build a comb, this can grow into a maze at an ultra rapid pace, sometimes housing up to 40,000 bees! As you can imagine, this is a sizable weight that was perhaps not factored into the building structure. Therefore, continued growth of the bee comb will invariably lead to structural damage of your home. 

Are there any home remedies to remove bees?

Yes and no. If you have a bee or two or even three that have made their way into your home, then simple home remedies may be sufficient to drive them away. For instance, regular spraying of natural insecticide may partially do the trick. Some people may use vinegar to kill a couple of bees. However, be prepared for the wrath of those who survive, as they may be more likely to sting, out of sudden panic. Also, you will have to frequently clean the area, scouting for dead bees. 

If you have an infestation that includes 10 or more bees, you will need to be extra careful to keep your distance in order to avoid getting stung. Also, remember that being stung by multiple bees can cause a dangerous reaction that could require immediate medical attention. For this reason, it is best to bring on the experts for quick yet safe removal of bees from your home, keeping your family protected at all times. 

Hire a Professional to Get Rid of Bees for Good

People tend to call their landscaper or local handyman to remove beehives. However, this comes with the possibility of lawsuits, as he or she may or may not be certified to deal with bees. So, if there is any damage caused, you will be liable for them. 

Keep in mind, there are laws in California protecting bees and the killing of them. We avoid any bees that are pollinating or foraging and only target the bees that are swarming or building hives on the structure (bees likely to cause damage to human or property).

Secondly, a licensed professional will always address the root of the problem, in order to provide you a permanent solution the first time. For instance, consider that bees nest in your house, due to its structural bee-friendly design. 

A certified expert will be able to recognize this at first glance, and recommend practical alternatives to fix and avoid the problem in the future. He or she will also ensure “safe” removal, using an ISO certified bee suit, so there is no damage to either human or property. 

At M Exterminators, we assure your satisfaction through a 4-step pest removal process. This includes: 

  • Initial inspectionto understand the extent of the problem and possible damage. If the bees are fewer in number, expect to have them removed during this stage itself with minimal hassles!
  • Individualized treatment plan best suited for your family and home. For instance, some of our clients prefer that we use only eco-friendly treatment, and we are happy to oblige. Our experts will work to understand your unique needs, and thus propose the ideal solution for you.
  • Initial treatmentwhich typically includes removal of the hive. Again, our experts have both knowledge and expertise to guarantee your safety at all times. 
  • Follow-upall of our bee treatments include one follow-up that is included in our pricing to ensure the bees are gone so customers have peace of mind. Yes, we support you until the problem is permanently resolved!

To find out how M Exterminators can help you safely get rid of bees in the San Diego area, call us now at 619-375-0220 or contact us online