Silverfish Information and Control in California

Silverfish are elusive critters – difficult to identify and control. Also called fish moths, these creatures can survive in any environment, as long as it is warm and damp. Silverfish can be found in almost every home and the reality is that getting rid of them is easier said than done. The best you can hope for is to reduce their numbers and make your home as unappealing for them as possible. 

Identifying Silverfish

Fish moths are commonly found in house areas where high moisture, low light, and an easy source of starch are available. For instance, your cloth cabinets or the place where you stack newspapers may be a hub of silverfish activity. These slender insects have tapered bodies and rounded heads with a pointed abdomen. 

They are nocturnal, which is why they prefer dark environments. You would rarely come across silverfish during the day. Fish moths may be harmless to humans, but they can wreak havoc on your clothes and valuables. They are quick eaters similar to locusts. Within a week, you will find holes in your favorite linen shirts and khakis. 

Home Remedies to Control Silverfish

Silverfish are very difficult to get rid of. However, these natural remedies have been seen to be effective in controlling their numbers. 

  1. Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder that is made from the exoskeletons of a type of sea insect. It is a desiccant and their effect is similar to that of boric acid. Diatomaceous earth feels like shattered glass to insects because of its microscopic edges. Silverfish are not fussy eaters which make this home remedy very successful. 

  1. Cinnamon Sticks

Place cinnamon sticks in areas where you know silverfish are already present. You should also place them in all damp and dark areas in the home, like laundry rooms and basements. Silverfish do not like the sweet spicy smell of cinnamon and tend to stay away. 

  1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is an essential oil that works wonders in repelling silverfish. Make a spray solution by mixing a teaspoon of lavender oil with a cup of water. Shake thoroughly and use it on all cracks and crevices around your home. Make sure you repeat the process every 2 days since lavender does not leave a strong residual impact. 

Call the Professionals

Home remedies are usually unsuccessful with silverfish because of their sheer numbers and nocturnal nature. Do not delay calling the professionals when you see the first signs of silverfish activity. Exterminators can treat silverfish and control their population by using a combination of various methods. 

M Exterminators help San Diego residents curb their silverfish nuisance by dusting all cabinets and wall voids with insecticide. These elusive critters have a unique ability to hide because of their body shape. This is why professionals always treat all cracks and crevices in a home, including the bookshelves. 

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